Yes, I Hear You!

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My two year old son has this constant need for everyone to acknowledge everything he says. I’m mean every single thing. He even needs me to acknowledge him when he’s talking in his sleep!

The problem is, I am very good at tuning out all unnecessary noise. So if I do not respond to him right away he repeats himself over and over again. I’m serious, for example:

Mom, Bot has a forehead.

Mamma, Bot has a forehead.


Mommy bot has a forehead!!!!!!!!!



YES, SON! For the love of God, yes, Bot has a freaking forehead!

Might I add, this conversation was at 11pm and why I needed to know that Bot from Team Umizoomi has a forehead, I’ll never know.

He will repeat himself 100 times if he has too. I’ve done a few experiments where I purposely don’t answer him, just to see how many times he will repeat himself. He doesn’t give up. He keeps going until I acknowledge him. I’m convinced he’d say the same thing for an hour straight. Or possibly until my eyes bulge out of my head and scare the crap out of him.

I’m pretty sure this phase is going to make my brain explode. I just don’t feel the need to constantly reply to every single thing he says. I mean he’s two years old, and he NEVER stops talking. It’s like that scene from the show family guy.

Stewie:  “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mama, Mommy, Mom, Mama, Mommy, Mama, Mom, MOM, MOMMY.”

Lois:  “WHAT!?!”

That is my life, 24 hours a day. Even my husband mentioned, you should write about him constantly needed to be answered. As I’m writing this he is saying, “Mommy, this is Batman? It’s Batman. Mommy, it’s batman. Mommy, Batman. Batman. Mommy, it’s Batman.”

YES, IT’S BATMAN! Now I want to grab Batman and rip his head off and stick his body in the oven and torture him so I never have to see him again! Holy hell, YES I HEAR YOU!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love having conversations with my son. He really is intelligent and hilarious.  When he is saying something meaningful, I always reply and if he needs help, I reply. But if I happen to be on the phone and he wants to tell me that his water is so yummy, do I really need to reply? If you ask him the answer is yes.

Does your child do something similar? As a result does it make your eyes pop out of your head too?

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lovehazelandhoneysuckle - March 6, 2017 Reply

My 3 year old daughter does the same exact thing lol

Hannah P. - March 7, 2017 Reply

Haha this sounds like a stage I am not ready for with my girl yet!

Samantha - March 7, 2017 Reply

My three year little girl is the exact same way. Has been since she could talk, which was very young. At nine months old she would repeat “dad-deeeee” over and over until my husband would respond. It. Has. Not. Stopped. I’m not sure it ever will. I’ve learned to just respond so she’ll move on. Great post!

Dawn - March 15, 2017 Reply

The worst is when you can’t actually understand what the heck they’re saying, and you try to get away with just saying “Okay”, but they KNOW you didn’t really acknowledge that you understood, so they just keep going. I don’t know what to do at that point.

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