Why We Should Stop Entertaining Our Children

Why We Should Stop Entertaining Our Children

I recently surveyed a bunch of moms and started addressing the issues that they told me they were having. Last week we addressed social media and motherhood.

This week we are going to address one, that actually really resonates with me. Someone mentioned,

“how do I entertain my children when I am exhausted but don’t want them watching TV all day.”

Now I know this depends on how old your children are.  For some reason, we as moms now feel like we need to entertain our kids 24/7. Do you remember back in our day? I do not EVER remember my mom making sure we had “activities” and entertainment set up. We were locked outside from sun up until the street lights came on.

I 100% believe this is why our little assholes *ahem* I mean, kids are so entitled now. Why do we feel like we need to entertain our children? Don’t they have imaginations they can use? How will they learn to have fun without you if we are constantly up their butts?

Now, I know that the world is different. I would never send my son out on his bike and tell him to come check in every now and then. But, I will send him outback in our fenced yard and tell him to have at it. I’ll teach him to turn on the hose if he gets thirsty. That’s responsible parenting, I’m sure of it.

I know we live in a Pinterest world where we feel obligated to make unicorn slime. (Let’s be honest that shit is awesome.) But is it really necessary to plan a project every single day? Especially the days where we as moms are so damn tired?

No. Mama, it is not necessary. Does your child have a room full of toys? Send them in there to play! If they won’t then throw those toys away. That’ll teach him not to be a little asshole. Does your child have a yard to play in? Send her outside. Tell her to use her imagination.

If you absolutely feel like you need something to plan for your kids, here are some EASY ideas. That are very “hands off” for you. These ideas will keep your kiddos entertained while still learning to be independent.

Six EASY Activities For The Kids

  1. Scavenger Hunt. Print this off and send your kid outside to complete the hunt. Easy as pie.

summer scavenger hunt
Adorable Photo From Little Big Blessings Doing The Summer Scavenger Hunt.

2. Washing Station. Yes, you will have to fill a bowl up with water but this will keep your kid entertained. (There are also eight other easy activities in this awesome post from This Toddler Life.)
Washing station
My son doing the washing station. Isn’t he cute?

3. Create A Treasure Map. This post from jthreeNMe has 6 other super cute and unique easy ideas to entertain your toddler. Your kid can treasure hunt while you sit back and drink more coffee.

4. Sponge Fight. Happy Mom Brain has given us 10 low-cost AND easy ideas. Low cost and easy are two of every mom’s favorite words, am I right?

5. Color Mixing With Ice. This super easy science project from Stay-At-Home Science will have you feeling like a good mom for doing something educational AND easy.

6. Side Walk Chalk. This super smart Mama from For The Love Of Mom, suggests putting your kid in a giant box and letting them have at it. HOW SMART IS THIS? Her post even includes seven other activities.

There, I gave you some easy activities for your little ones for when you are exhausted and don’t have it in you to be super-mom. Just try to remember Mama, they are kids. Let them be kids. They have imaginations, let them use it! You are NOT a bad mom if you don’t entertain your children. You are helping them become more independent, adventurous, and less of an entitled little brat.

The Supplies

If you want to try any of these activities but don’t have the right supplies I’ll make it easy for you. Just Amazon Prime those things.

Thank you for reading! Tell me in the comments, do you constantly entertain your kids? Tell me your ways!

Why We Should Stop Entertaining Our Children

why we should stop entertaining our children

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Jackie - July 18, 2017 Reply

I totally agree!! I also try and get my toddler to help with chores and make them fun a bit. Then I’m not trying to “entertain” her, we’re productive and she’s learning responsibility. Hopefully 😉

coffee with Addison - July 18, 2017 Reply

Love this. My son is playing with trucks on the floor as I read this. He is making voices and having a whole conversation between them. He is two. I worried about starting a blog and not giving him direct attention all the time, but it has proven to be beneficial, especially when I schedule time for my attention to be on him also.

MomJonz - July 19, 2017 Reply

OH YES! May I please shake your hand?!!!! As I tell mine, “GO FIGURE IT OUT!” Mine are 8, 10 and 13. You can entertain yourself. You don’t need me up your butt 24 hours a day. Did I make plans for the summer, yes? But that was for our adventures to parks and beaches (we just moved to HI). Did we do any of them? Only a few cause my kids (8 yr old) wanted to stay and play with friends in the neighborhood and my other 2 just wanted to relax or chat with friends back on the mainland. They knew what they needed to complete each day and the rest of the day is their time. I’m NOT entertaining you and I never did when they were younger either.

Lisa Bittner - July 20, 2017 Reply

The problem, as I see it is teaching and encouraging our kids to do for themselves! As parents we all to often jump in and “fix” things thereby robbing our kids of “Aha! I can do this!” As our kids become young adults and then adults they know nothing and can’t function without us! Then live with us forever!
When my kids were young “I am board!” Was never said to me. My oldest said that once, she then washed the front foyer with a toothbrush. Lets say both her and her younger brother and cousin found things to entertain themselves after that!

evdayam - July 22, 2017 Reply

Yes! Yes! a thousand times yes! Go figure it out! I’m not your entertainment guide! Agree, we must entertain at a certain age, but even littles can play by themselves for a little while you wash dishes or whatev. I love Pinterest. I do not love when it paints the picture of moms doing all that kid crap! Don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy it, go for it. I’m not crafty, so no thanks. My daughter had a sleepover for her one bday party, 8-10 screaming 9 yr olds! I wrote down some games and activities to give them ideas (old school like blind mans bluff, hot potato, etc) shoved them in the basement and closed the door and watched TV while they screamed downstairs. They did fine on their own. Good post!

Inez - July 25, 2017 Reply

These are such great ideas! I’m always looking for easy activities that don’t involve screens! Thanls for including me. 🙂

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