Why I Chose To Breastfeed My Babies


Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Before I became a mother I had no idea how important breastfeeding would be to me! I had always planned on breastfeeding but even after taking a breastfeeding class I did not know how beneficial it was to my babies and myself.

If you are on the fence about breastfeeding I’d like to give you my top reasons why I chose to breastfeed both of my babies and why you should try to do the same!
Why I Chose To Breastfeed my babies

1. Breast Milk Contains Antibodies That Help Your Baby Fight Off Infections And Bacteria.

These antibodies help fight illnesses such as: Respiratory Infections, Pneumonia, Ear Infections, and more!

2. The Bond

Breastfeeding releases ‘rushes’ of oxytocin in the mother’s brain! The release of this chemical strengthens a mother’s feeling of love, trust and affection!

3. It’s Free!

Breast milk comes from your body and is always available! This can save you thousands of dollars AND none of those middle of the night formula runs.

4. Nursing Burns Calories!

That’s right! Nursing can burn up to 300-500 calories a day! A major plus for Mama!

5. Lower Incidence Of SIDS

There are fewer cases of SIDS in breastfed babies.

I am not a LC or Doctor. These are my opinions of breastfeeding based on my experience and research. For factual evidence please visit the American Academy of Pediatrics.

I don’t want to misguide any Mamas out there. Breastfeeding is hard! It takes a lot of work and dedication. If you decide to breastfeed though, I can guarantee it will be one of the most rewarding experiences.

Tell me why you decided to breastfeed! What did you love and what did you hate?

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