Why Are Moms Always So Tired?

Why are moms always so tired

Being a mom comes with a guarantee that you will be tired for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Okay, I’m not sure about the rest of your life because my oldest child is two. I am convinced though, I may never sleep again.

My youngest is about seven months old now and finally sleeping through the night. She only woke up about three-four times last night for a boobie. Alright, so maybe she doesn’t sleep through the night. Why do I keep telling people that? She doesn’t wake up screaming anymore and doesn’t need to be rocked, bounced, swung, fed, changed, and the witness of an animal sacrifice just to fall back asleep. Thank God, we were running out of chickens.

So WHY am I still so tired? I mean my daughter usually wakes up between 5-6 am and my son usually wakes up between 6-7 am. With my daughter only waking up three-four times at night that should be plenty of rest, right?

Now that I think of it, I am getting plenty of rest. We start our bedtime routine at 7 pm usually. I don’t have super-mom powers, so sometimes it’s 8 pm..9 pm. Whatever, quit judging me. It doesn’t matter what time I start our bedtime routine because my son HATES SLEEP. If we happen to start our routine at seven and are in bed before eight, my son will usually fall asleep pretty quick. By pretty quick I mean around midnight.

Let’s recap. I’m getting plenty of sleep.

Falling asleep around midnight,  waking up three-four times with the baby throughout the night, then waking up between 5 and 6 am. Okay, I am seriously not seeing the problem. Even if I was not getting enough sleep at night it’s not like I do anything during the day except lay around. I’m a stay at home mom for goodness sake.

The only things I do all day with the kids is feed, bathe, dress, play with, teach, read to, care for, and change their diapers. Then I only do a few things around the house, such as cook, clean, laundry, dishes, vacuum, and sweep. None of these few things I do all day are tiring. I should have plenty of energy to accomplish those things I might do that day.
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I absolutely can not wrap my mind around why I am so tired! Maybe I am oversleeping. Maybe I have too much time to myself. I can usually go pee by myself once a day and get a shower every three days. That has to be the problem. I am relaxing too much. A body at rest tends to stay at rest, right? I’m pretty sure I just hit you with some physics.

I guess I will never know why I am so damn tired. It’s okay though, that is why God invented coffee. That is why God invented Starbucks. God invented coffee for moms. For lazy moms who oversleep and do nothing, like me!

Are you a tired mom? Are you like me and have absolutely no idea why you are so tired? Tell me in the comments!

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Why are Moms always so tired?

29 thoughts on “Why Are Moms Always So Tired?”

  1. OMG, I absolutely can AGREE with you! I’ms o tired too! I definitely wouldn’t say that it’s because we do nothing all day. I definitely think that we exude the most energy with staying aware and attentive to our little ones. Yes, the physical labor plays a role, but I personally still breastfeed my 21 month old (I know, he’s definitely being cut off at 2. Haha!) and that takes up a load of energy when he does breastfeed. Then there’s the playing and reading which can happen for like 20 times in a row (especially with toddlers because they have a ball doing the things they love on repeat!). Then there’s trying to do the things you may need to do, but still having to watch or maneuver through your little one’s want or need for attention or companionship (so it ends up taking you much longer to complete or not complete at all). And the list can go on and on. So I GET IT! As moms we’re just TIRED. But it takes a lot to do our job! Yes, Thank GOODNESS for Starbucks! It has SAVED MY LIFE! Haha! 🙂 Great post!

  2. I love the part about animal sacrifice and running out of chickens. No sleep is the worst. I tend to be, umm…less than nice. I am sure there is a word for it, but, I am going to pretend it doesn’t exist. Great blog.

  3. I’ve been so extra tired these past few days and I don’t really know what it is. The baby *is* actually sleeping better (not through the night, but better) and I am more tired than when she was waking up every three hours to eat. Maybe it really is too much sleep?! Ahh

  4. Thank you for this honest post! My 2 and a half year old toddler is only starting to sleep through this week. It makes it easier to wake up for the 3 month old baby if you don’t have to worry about the older one. I am blessed with a husband who tries to help where he can, because decaf coffee (for breastfeeding) is only helping so much.

  5. Thank you for sharing, I totally relate. I didn’t think I was going to survive breastfeeding, it was so hard and painfull. I am very glad a stuck to it for 13 months

  6. Haha. “God invented coffee for moms” #coffeeislife
    Being a mom is just exhausting..that’s all there is to it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. And the worst is when you finally get that one stubborn kid down for a nap only to have the other one wake up! AHHH! There is no fury like the fury of a mom with kids fighting naps. 😉

  8. Those poor chickens! 😂 Yes, I’m perpetually exhausted and my kids hardly wake up at all during the night…except when my daughter can’t find her bunny or her lovie or her slippers or…who am I kidding. and I get up at 5am to blog so there’s that craziness. Lawd help us!

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