January 8, 2019

The Struggles Of Being A Millennial Mom

Millennial mom

I’m a millennial mom and I don’t need your judgment.

The stigma around millennials is ridiculous and honestly a bit annoying. We are looked down on because of the years we were born in.

Our generation tends to have different values than our elders. Times are different and according to baby boomers and beyond we are doing it wrong.

The judgment never seems to end especially for millennial moms.

We are helicopter moms and we are too hands off. We baby our kids and then we spoil them too much. It’s obviously a no-win situation for millennial moms.

So, the only way we can actually move forward trying to be good moms is just that. Move forward and tune out the constant judgment.

Life for moms my age is different. When I was a kid my mom let us play outside unsupervised from sun up until the street lights came on. Of course, I would love those things for my kids.

But the truth is I can’t allow that to happen. Did my mom have to worry about the amount of human trafficking? I can’t let my kids out of my site because I have to live in constant fear of them being taken.

Millennial moms also have to deal with the internet. A place where we get 1000 different opinions on one parenting subject. Then we are constantly shamed by internet warriors. No matter what we choose we are always wrong.

Moms my age are choosing to have kids later in life. They are doing it alone on purpose. They are career women and stay-at-home moms. We even put ourselves first sometimes.  

Moms before us likely had the same judgment but they didn’t have social media. Unless another mom had the guts to give her unwanted opinion face to face it was likely unheard unless through gossip. I’m sure that was annoying but it can’t compare to the every single day judgment.

As a millennial, parenting is just different. I would say I am sorry for not pleasing everyone with my parenting styles, but, I’m not. Another millennial quality I have is not caring. Which I am judged for. Do you see the endless cycle?

So, all in all, yes I am a millennial mom and frankly, I don’t need your judgment.

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