Sorry Kids, Mama Comes First Now

Moms, also known as, superheroes.

Seriously, is there anything a mom can’t do? Think about it, you are a chauffeur, chef, nurse, maid, boo-boo healer, and more. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Self care for stay at home moms is pretty much non-existent.

Self Care For Stay At Home Moms

There are no vacation days as a mom. You can’t call in sick. No matter what, you are always MOM.

Which is amazing! Being a mom is the best job in the world. It’s also the hardest. With this job being the hardest, moms tend to neglect their own care and needs.

I understand, I mean, looking at your schedule it’s not exactly easy to take time for YOU. That’s the problem though, how are you supposed to give 100% to your family if you are running on 0%?

Don’t you think that if you took care of yourself, put yourself first every once in a while that you would be a better caretaker for your family? I definitely think so.

Becoming a mom, for most of us, meant losing ourselves. And for some of us even neglecting ourselves. Why? Mama, YOU ARE IMPORTANT. You are a Queen, your house doesn’t run without you.

As a Queen, you deserve to be treated like one. You deserve to poop alone, have a moment to yourself every day, and get pampered every now and then.

You need to do these things for yourself, but, you also need to do them guilt free. Don’t feel bad that you are investing in your own self-care, Mama. You DESERVE it.

Say it with me, say it loud, I DESERVE IT.

Doesn’t that feel good?

Now, I’m not telling you to buy a crown, and demand your children rub your feet every day. I am telling you to pull out your planner and set aside some time for yourself. Planning it out will help you feel less guilty about having some adult time, as well as making sure you follow through.


If you are ready to start taking care of yourself then check out this FREE 5-Day Self-Care Email challenge. This challenge will walk you through the steps of making sure that you take care of your mental AND physical health.

Tell me, Mama, what do you do for yourself?

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Vicki Seale - January 9, 2018 Reply

I totally suck at not taking care of myself. I had a tough time with my little boy for the first few years and I kind of lost myself along the way. Trying to re-find (is that a word) myself now he’s in school.

Vicki Seale - January 10, 2018 Reply

Thank you for your reply. I hope you’re right. Its frustrating sometimes because most of my phone calls ( had to make a few today) start with hi, I’m alex ****’s mom – who am I if I’m not that?? Sorry for ranting on your comments, but I have signed up now. ❤

    Super Sirrious Mom - January 11, 2018 Reply

    I totally understand!! You can come here and vent ANYTIME you want!! I will help you find yourself, Mama!!

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