How Social Media Has Made Motherhood Unrealistic


I recently reached out to a ton of moms on Social Media and asked them a few questions. I wanted to know what they were struggling with. To my surprise, I got overwhelming results. So many moms answered and give me honest heartfelt answers. The biggest problem that seemed to be bothering so many moms was that they needed to know, it’s okay to lose their shit every once in a while. Also, that everyone does!

We all lose our shit.

YES. We all lose our shit. Motherhood is not what we see on Facebook. Social media has tricked all moms into thinking they need to post about having a perfect life. Not posting about real life. We then hold ourselves to a higher standard. Comparing our real life to the Facebook life of others.

Because of this we sometimes feel inadequate. We feel like every other mom out there is perfect and we are not. We feel like we are the only ones who LOSE OUR SHIT. I have news for you.


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That perfect mom who posted her beautiful, well-dressed kids eating organic vegetables. Ya, she lost her shit. She didn’t show them screaming and fighting. She didn’t show the plate that was thrown across the kitchen. Then she didn’t post a picture of her red face, crying, yelling, in frustration.

Even the mom who does not discipline. The mom who claims she never yells never raises her voice. Who only talks calmly to her children and claims anyone who yells is an abuser. She has lost her shit. She’ll never tell you because she needs to appear perfect. She can’t let anyone know she has a weakness.

Don’t ever feel like you are not good enough because you have completely lost it. Don’t look at your friends on Facebook in envy, because they are lying. They are just like you. If they claim they have never lost their shit. They are liars and need to go away.

Moms need to start a revolution. Take over social media and only post real life photos. Post what REALLY happens on a day to day basis. Then maybe moms won’t be so hard on themselves. Maybe we could better support each other.

Thank you for reading! Tell me in the comments, have you ever lost your shit??

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13 thoughts on “How Social Media Has Made Motherhood Unrealistic”

  1. I’m a grandmother now, but trust me, even in my days as a young mother, we still had to deal with the perfectly dressed and well coiffured mother and child – at the grocery store, the park, the mall, etc. The perfect persona is not unique to social media, it’s just easier and there’s a lot more of it to deal with. Great article.

  2. I felt like the dad from A Christmas Story the other day with an epic string of mumbled curse words after I accidentally baked cookies for 45 minutes… They don’t need 45 minutes, that’s way too many minutes. Here’s to real life, lady!

  3. I am not a mom, but I have definitely lost my shit! Social media is definitely very deceiving in many aspects! Thank you for bringing attention to this!

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