Potty Training Made Easy With “The Potty Fairy”

potty training

Potty Training, the exhausting, messy, adventure that all parents know too well.

There are so many different routes you can take when it comes to potty training. The key is finding what works for your little one. Keep in mind no matter how or when you decide to potty train it’s going to give you a headache. There will be accidents, crying, fit throwing, screaming, tantrums on the floor, and that’s just you.

Since Potty training can be so stressful what better way to start the adventure of potty training, than with a little magical fun? We all know there is nothing glamorous about potty training so why not try to make the best of it. Having the right tools on hand is definitely important in starting the journey of kicking diapers to the curb.

Something that worked for my son was always having a couple of good potty training books for him.

Books that explained to him the ups and downs of learning to use the big potty. This gave him something to read while sitting on his potty and he would actually look forward to using the potty so he could read his special books.

potty training
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The Potty Fairy is an adorable website that offers a bit of help to your kiddos. With a downloadable book, songs, potty training underwear to a blog on the website with tons of information for parents. The Potty Fairy has it all.

The Potty Fairy is in a way like the tooth fairy, a fun, magical way to help your child’s potty training journey. The potty fairies offer support and fun for your child.

So, go ahead and purchase your extremely affordable book, a very large cup of coffee, and dive in!

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potty training

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Thank you for reading! What tools helped your child with potty training?

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16 thoughts on “Potty Training Made Easy With “The Potty Fairy””

  1. We bought a bunch of new books (which my oldest picked out himself), a sticker book and a small note book. When he sat on the potty he got to read/look at the special potty books (which lived in the bathroom) and each time he had a dry pullup/under ware and used the potty he got to pick a sticker. Once he got 10 stickers he got to pick out either a new toy, or special activity to do that day. M&Ms/candy didn’t work for him, he doesn’t care for them so they weren’t a motivator… struggling with our youngest boy now…because of course the same routine doesn’t work for him…

    1. We did the stickers too! He loved it! He still has his potty training books he loves them lol. Good luck with your youngest, I’m not looking forward to doing this with my daughter she’s my wild child lol!

  2. Tantrums on the floor, and that’s just you. Haha. We haven’t officially begun real potty training. My son goes a few times a day, but only at his leisure. I dread the day it becomes time for real.

  3. My youngest has special needs so bathrooming is still an issue and probably always will be… I use stickers for motivation and he likes me to read him stories. We have a chart to mark when he goes and then after a certain amount he gets a small prize like stickers…

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