October 20, 2017

How To Kick The Mom Funk

mom funk

Mom funk, it’s like being in a funk, except you are a mom.

So it’s worse.

Being a mom is the most amazing job in the world. Nothing compares to being a mother. Even though it is amazing it is also extremely hard.

A child constantly demands your attention 24 hours a day. You have to give all of yourself to another human. A tiny little human that you created. You love that little human more than life itself but sometimes motherhood is not all unicorns and rainbows.

Sometimes you are just in a funk. A mom funk. The dreaded mom funk can mean many different things. Maybe you have been in a bad mood for several days. Or you don’t feel like playing, cleaning, or even momming.

This can make you cranky, you snap at the kids more, then feel more mom guilt. Now you are in a mom funk with mom guilt. So WTF do you do to kick this feeling?
mom funk

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How To Kick The Mom Funk

Me time

I know this sounds obvious and this advice is given so much it’s almost annoying. But, it’s true. You are IMPORTANT too. You can’t shit rainbows if you are not happy.┬áIt’s unlikely you will be happy if you don’t take care of yourself. To be a mom you must shit rainbows. Get it?

If you are living on a budget and can’t afford weekly trips to the Bahamas for your me time then consider some of these options. Get a weekly pedicure see a movie or get coffee with a friend once a week.

If you can’t afford those options (no shame) try these, daily walks by yourself or a bubble bath by yourself with a glass of cheap wine. There is always something you can do by yourself and for yourself.

Change your schedule around

Do you have a daily routine you stick too? Sometimes doing the same thing every single day can drive you insane.

Change it up for a bit. Get out of the house more. Try not to focus on cleaning your house so much and go to the park. Sunshine and letting your kids run around crazy, win.


I’m not saying permanently delete all social media. But take a break. Not because it takes all of your time (I mean maybe that too) but because you are constantly comparing your life to others. You envy your mom friends.

I have a few friends who go on monthly vacations. Like real luxurious vacations. With their kids and without. I constantly find myself envying them because I look up from FB and see my real life. Which consists of a dirty house, fighting kids, cold coffee, and questioning if it’s chocolate or poop on my shirt.

The point is, seeing everyone else’s fake lives (yes most of what you see on FB is your friends pretending to have a perfect life) can put you in a funk about your own life.

Disconnect for even just a few days. Use that time to have fun with your kids. Or do something for yourself. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Positive Affirmations

This is something that I am new too and I love it. I abso-freaking-lutely love it. I bought my self a cute cheap journal and started writing every single morning.

First, I write what I am thankful for. Then I write what I want to see from myself that day. Last, I look up a quote (or create my own) to repeat all day long. When I start to feel down or in a funk I repeat the quote then remember what I wanted from myself.

Remembering that I have control and that I am important has helped me tremendously.

Something to remember is that the universe will give back what you give out. Try to pull yourself out of that funk and the universe will help.

You’ll be farting glitter and back being #1Mom in no time!

What do you do when you are in a mom funk? How do you kick it? Tell me in the comments!



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