How To Deal With The Negative People In Your Life

Positive Living

2018 has been about positive living and self-care.

To be honest, positive living feels amazing! The problem is everywhere you turn in life there is someone negative person in your life ruining your positive journey.

The negative people in your life are the ones who are constantly gossiping, pessimistic and rude. They take your excitement and positivity and somehow quickly turn it into sadness.

You deserve to be happy and live a positive life. Dealing with the people who take that away from you is a huge step toward an amazing year.

So, how do we deal with these negative people?

Identify the negative people.

You can’t deal with the negative people in your life if you do not know exactly who they are.

You probably already have a good idea of who these people are. Some, though, you may not realize are really hurting your positive journey. Think about all of the people you deal with on a daily basis.

Spouse, coworkers, friends, family, and more. Now, think about how they all affect you. How do you feel after interacting with them? Do they lift you up or bring you down? Do they lift others up or bring them down?

You may not realize that the people you are closest to could be impacting your life in such a negative way. When they are constantly sending out negative energy to the universe you will be in the path of it when it comes back.

Limit contact

Now that you know who the negative people are you can limit contact with them. Some, you may not be able to avoid all of the time. You can limit any extra time spent though. If Deborah wants to gossip in the break room then politely excuse yourself instead of listening and contributing.

There are some in your life though, that you can cut out. You may not want too and it may be hard but in the long run, you will be thankful that you did. Is there are a friend in your life that finds the negative in every situation? Maybe teases you about your positive journey? Evaluate this person carefully and decide if they really deserve a spot in your positive life.

Spread The Positivity

For the people who cannot be cut out of your life or you can’t completely avoid, it’s time to teach them your ways of living a positive life. Remember they are sending out negative vibes and you are in direct path of being hit by those vibes. But, if you send out massive amounts of positive vibes around these people, they will be in the direct path of your positive vibes.

When Deborah starts gossiping about Nancy in accounting, change the subject to something positive. Compliment Nancy, point out one of her amazing characteristics, or completely change the subject altogether.

It’s important to not give in to the negativity. Don’t gossip with Deborah, let her know you are above that. When she starts to see that change in you she may even start to see a change in herself. If not, at least she will probably stop the negative energy around you.

Remember this is your life and you deserve to be happy.

You may feel bad about cutting people out of your life. Or even just spending less time with them. But, why? These people do not care about bringing you down. You DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

Remember to stick to your positive living weekly goals and this will help you stay on top this. One week your goal can be “Do not allow Deborah to gossip and turn her conversation into a positive one.” One week of this and it will start to come more natural for you.

Cutting these negative people out of your life also gives you so much more time to surround yourself with positive people! It’s never too late to make new friends. Surround yourself with people who live a happy and positive life and you will find it much easier to conquer your positive living goals.

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How do you deal with the negative people in your life? Tell me in the comments!

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