7 Items Every Hot Mess Mom Needs

What is a hot mess mom?

A hot mess mom is a mother who drinks enough coffee to give an elephant a stroke. She always has a box of wine ready to go when the kids fall asleep.

Hot mess moms embrace the messy bun and dry shampoo. She’s always running late so she probably didn’t shower this morning. Her clothes are probably covered in boogers and food. Who knows the last time she did laundry.

Hot mess moms are normal moms. They just don’t hide the crazy. In fact, they embrace the crazy. This mom realized the moment her baby was born that she was not going to be the perfect Pinterest mom.

She was going to be a happy mom with happy kids and lots of chaos.

Let’s be real. I’m a hot mess mom. I rarely have my hair washed or makeup done when I go in public.

Remembering to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer is a son of a bitch so I am probably wearing the same leggings as yesterday.

I am no longer embarrassed by this. I embrace it.

hot mess mom

Now, I finally give you 7 items every hot mess mom can’t live without.

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Her favorite coffee cup. It usually has some quirky saying on it. She’s not afraid to tell you how she feels.

Her favorite travel mug. Because coffee does not stop being important just because she is leaving the house.

Super comfy leggings. Squeezing jeans over the mom tum every morning sounds miserable. Besides you can have them in every color!

Her Tile. Let’s be real. Did she throw her keys into the diaper bag of doom or set them down somewhere. Her tile lets her find her keys, phone, pretty much anything she has lost.

Her favorite t-shirt. Something not tight fitting, usually a cute little quote, long enough to cover the camel toe caused by leggings.

Travel kit. Not because she is traveling anywhere but because did she put deodorant on this morning? Brush her teeth? A travel pack in the car is the ultimate lifesaver.

Her Instapot. Let’s be real this is the only way she’s getting a homemade dinner done.

Her Dry Shampoo. If you meet a mom who says she doesn’t use dry shampoo she is a damn liar.

I like to call this my hot mess mom kit.

Having these items around always helps a hot mess mom survive day to day. If you are a hot mess mom simply click on the pictures above and amazon prime that shit straight to your door.

Are you a hot mess mom? I know I proudly am and I use every product above, every day! Tell me about your hot messness in the comments!

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