He Peed in What?!

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Potty training: One of the hardest parts of having a toddler. When our son E was about 20 months old, we went into full potty training mode. We read all of the books and articles; talked to friends who were parents of both boys and girls; we got all of the best advice. When we felt we had done our due diligence, we dove in.

We decided to go the route of letting him run around naked. Completely ‘butt-neked’. He picked up on potty training pretty quick. I only had to scrub pee out of the floor and break out the Febreze a few times. In my world, I call that a win.

Even though he was doing pretty well, we still let him run around naked. It was convenient for him. He could just run to his potty without having to notify us. Let’s be honest. What toddler doesn’t love running around completely nude? It was a freedom for him, a freedom he had never known before.

One day, E and Daddy were playing. They were rolling around on the floor, playing like boys do. Daddy was laying on the floor and E was standing on top of him. All of the sudden, I hear Daddy start to scream. A scream that you don’t normally hear out of a grown man. He jumps up off of the floor, and continues to scream.

I look at E, and he is sitting on the floor laughing.

Me: What happened?



Daddy: He peed!!!

Me: AND?!


That is when my supermom parenting skills kicked in. I handled the situation with grace and maturity.

Just kidding. I was in the floor within seconds, laughing so hard I could hardly breathe.

Poor E, just couldn’t quite control his wee. He was having too much fun and unaware he was about to give Daddy a little golden shower. When you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

My poor husband spent an hour brushing his teeth. At some point, I think he swished with bleach. By that time I had already peed my pants from laughing so hard. I do feel bad for Daddy, but better him than me.

Do you have potty training horror story? Tell me in the comments?

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Amber Wright - January 31, 2017 Reply

Nothing hilarious like that which BTW I am still laughing lol!! But sometimes the little guys just can’t control that little wee wee when they are standing up to pee and let’s just say I clean a lot of pee off the walls, floors, toilet, sink. Its Tireding!!!!!

Blair (The Shameful Sheep) - February 2, 2017 Reply

Oh man, that is gnarly. I feel bad for your husband! I would have died haha.

sjordan425 - February 2, 2017 Reply

Much like when you were born!! But that’s another story!!!!

Lifebymarco - February 2, 2017 Reply

hahaha… poor daddy
we are going to start potty training soon, am looking forward to the adventures.

therustymom - March 10, 2017 Reply

That’s hilarious and totally something my son will probably do to my hubby!

I’m trying to potty-train my daughter with little success. The other day I noticed an awful smell coming from her room and went to investigate. She’d taken a monster poop in her Mickey Mouse tool box! It had been a bad day and I was about to cry but started laughing hysterically instead. At least she finally went IN something and not on the carpet! 🙂

    Super Sirrious Mom - March 10, 2017 Reply

    Hahahah oh my god I laughed so hard! I’m so sorry!!!!!

      therustymom - March 10, 2017 Reply

      Well. . .shit happens 🙂

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