How To Cope When You Have Sick Kids

How To Cope When You Have sick kids

It’s inevitable. It is a part of life. At one time or another, you will have sick kids. You will have sick kids and it will be miserable. For them AND for you.
How to cope when you have sick kids

Sick Kids are nothing like the commercials you see. Cute little baby not feeling well, snuggling with mommy, smiling, as she wipes that cute little red nose. NO. Have you ever tried to wipe a babies nose? There is nothing cute about it. Let’s start with the fact that there will be absolutely no smiling on the kids part. It will be bloody murder screaming as if you are trying to steal their soul through that boogery little nose.

Another thing. Have you ever seen a kid with a cute little runny nose? Every time my kids have a runny nose I end up gagging and covered in copious amounts of nasty ass snot. Those little noses turn into fountains of mucus then dry up and dried boogies cover their nostrils and face. Then their noses start to run again as you finally chipped the dry boogers off with a hammer and chisel.

A runny nose is just square one, depending on what kind of ‘sick’ your kid is. We also have to deal with diarrhea, vomit, coughing, sneezing, fever, and crank ass kids.

So how do we deal with these sick kids? How do we cope and keep our sanity?

These are my tricks on how to deal with sick kids.

  1. 1. Be Prepared

When the first sign that the sickness is coming run to the store and stock up on your sick kids kit. (Keep reading I’ll show you what’s in my kit below.

2.Cancel All Plans

At first, it may not seem so bad. Don’t let that sweet kid fool you. The last thing you want is little Jimmy puking all over you and the coffee shop while you are on your mom’s club social trip. Oh, and spreading germs are bad and all.

3. Accept Help

If Grandma offers to come by for a few minutes tell her HELL YES. You are going to want a chance to wash off the gallons of snot and poo that you are covered in.

4.Be Patient

Remember, they are sick. They don’t understand. Try very hard not to lose your shit. You’ll feel very guilty losing it on your poor sweet sick two-year-old.

5.Everything Else Can Wait

You will want to do the dishes, catch up on laundry, or start dinner. If your babies need your constant attention or simply just want to snuggle then do it. Give them all of your love and attention. Nothing else is important. Rock that sick baby to sleep then binge watch Netflix, mommy snuggles are must.

Sick Kids Kit

Having sick kids you will definitely want to have the necessary tools available asap. It will make for a much smoother ride for everyone involved. Here are my must have items for sick kids.

Don’t forget your favorite essential oils, lots of coffee (for Mama), Water and favorite fluids (for kids), and some good movies!

If you have a sick kid then pour yourself lots of coffee and keep a bottle of wine ready at all times. There will be little sleep on your part (Yes, it’s okay to stay up all night watching your baby sleep) and you will feel as if you have nothing life. But you will have something left because you are mom and moms are superheroes.

What are your tips and tricks for taking care of those sick babies?

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