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September 6, 2018

Random Acts Of Kindness Your Children Will Love

random acts of kindness to do with your children.

Random acts of kindness are the perfect way to discover positive living with your children.

This is step two in your journey of, teaching your children to live a happy and positive life. If you missed step one check it out here!

For the last week, you have been working on communication with your children. Teaching them to use their words and express their feelings. Hopefully, some of those communication skills are rubbing off on you as well!

When learning about positive living it’s important to remember that giving is crucial. Living a selfish life will only attract negativity. We, as a parenting community, need to come together and teach the children of the world what it means to give instead of receive.Continue reading

August 30, 2018

How To Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills

How To Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills

We may make a profit from the links in this post. 

Positive living isn’t only for adults. As parents, we need to incorporate our children into our positive living journeys. 

This is the first step in a four-step series, called, “Teaching our children to live a positive and happy life.”

By the end of the series, you will have learned several ways to work positive living in your child’s life. You will notice a huge difference in your child’s behavior including, gratitude, self-love, confidence, and communications skills.

When living a positive life it’s important to remember simple positive parenting tips.Continue reading

How To Conquer Your Self-Doubt

How To Conquer Your Self-Doubt

In our journey to live a more happy and positive life, we have learned how important it is to love ourselves!

Self-love can take some practice and you may fall down a few times. Especially when the self-doubt kicks in.

Self-doubt is when you second guess yourself. When you over think every little step in your life. Self-doubt is something we feel constantly as moms.Continue reading

30 Affirmations To Live A Happy And Positive Life.


Affirmations are the easiest and most successful way to stay on your positive living journey.

If you remember from the latest posts I strongly believe in what you send out to the universe you will receive back. For example, if you are constantly negative and mean then the universe will send back negativity. It will be a never-ending cycle that you can’t escape until you change your way of thinking.Continue reading

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