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Valentine’s Day After Having Kids

Valentine's day after having kids


Valentine’s Day with my husband used to be fun.

Valentine's Day with kids

We used to live in a big city, and we would always go to our favorite seafood restaurant.  (Though, we were never overly romantic, getting messy with crab legs was romantic enough for us.) We would fill our bellies with delicious crab legs and giant mixed drinks that make it hard to walk once you’ve finished. Afterward, my husband would usually surprise me with a new piece of jewelry, and we would go wherever the night took us.

Now we live in a tiny town where no one offers decent crab legs. We also have two children. For some reason now we act about 15 years older than we really are. I’m not kidding.

We watch Family Feud every night. My husband and I go on a date maybe once every two or three months. Yes, I know, wife of the year award should go to me. It’s so hard to find the time or energy to go anywhere together.

Needless to say, the last several Valentine’s days have been uneventful. We made our own tradition of having crab legs at home. (My husband is an amazing seafood cook, thank the good Lord.)

I haven’t been able to have a drink with liquor in it in over three years, and if I had one now I’d probably just end up pregnant again. So I usually get a nice water bottle, or if I’m feeling crazy a cup of lemonade.

We top the night off with watching cartoons in bed, me sneaking chocolate, and wondering where my newest diamond is? Just kidding, sort of.

Although, I may long for the days of sipping ice-cold blended alcohol while taking pictures to show off my newest diamond earrings, having Valentine’s dinner at home with my kids is kind of fun. It’s our new tradition. It may not be romantic at all.  We may not get any alone time,  but it’s fun. It’s ours.

Let’s be real, as long as my husband brings me chocolate I don’t really care what we do for Valentine’s day. I am a chocoholic and I could sit on the sofa shoving my face full of delicious boxed chocolates watching Family Feud all night.

You know what, that is exactly what I want to do after our “romantic” Valentine’s dinner. Just leave me alone with chocolate and Steve Harvey and I’ll be the happiest woman in the world.

Other at-home romantic V-day ideas could include:

Bubble bath and Prosecco (A cheap bottle of course.)
At home massage (After the kids fall asleep if you want it to count.)
Movie and a foot rub. Keep it simple.
An uninterrupted poop and shower.
Send the kids to Grandmas house.

Update 2019

Now that the kids are no longer babies. I finally have my boobs all to myself. The plan is still the same. I still celebrate with Steve Harvey. But, now I can finish a bottle of wine with my chocolates.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What do you do for Valentine’s day? Go on a romantic date? Involve your kids? Let me know in the comments!

Valentine's day with kids

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January 8, 2019

The Struggles Of Being A Millennial Mom

Millennial mom

I’m a millennial mom and I don’t need your judgment.

The stigma around millennials is ridiculous and honestly a bit annoying. We are looked down on because of the years we were born in.

Our generation tends to have different values than our elders. Times are different and according to baby boomers and beyond we are doing it wrong.

The judgment never seems to end especially for millennial moms.

We are helicopter moms and we are too hands off. We baby our kids and then we spoil them too much. It’s obviously a no-win situation for millennial moms.

So, the only way we can actually move forward trying to be good moms is just that. Move forward and tune out the constant judgment.

Life for moms my age is different. When I was a kid my mom let us play outside unsupervised from sun up until the street lights came on. Of course, I would love those things for my kids.

But the truth is I can’t allow that to happen. Did my mom have to worry about the amount of human trafficking? I can’t let my kids out of my site because I have to live in constant fear of them being taken.

Millennial moms also have to deal with the internet. A place where we get 1000 different opinions on one parenting subject. Then we are constantly shamed by internet warriors. No matter what we choose we are always wrong.

Moms my age are choosing to have kids later in life. They are doing it alone on purpose. They are career women and stay-at-home moms. We even put ourselves first sometimes.  

Moms before us likely had the same judgment but they didn’t have social media. Unless another mom had the guts to give her unwanted opinion face to face it was likely unheard unless through gossip. I’m sure that was annoying but it can’t compare to the every single day judgment.

As a millennial, parenting is just different. I would say I am sorry for not pleasing everyone with my parenting styles, but, I’m not. Another millennial quality I have is not caring. Which I am judged for. Do you see the endless cycle?

So, all in all, yes I am a millennial mom and frankly, I don’t need your judgment.

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Update November 2018. First, I can’t believe how many women shared their horrific pregnancy horror stories with me. I am beyond happy to know I am not the only one!

Pregnancy does the oddest stuff to our bodies. We are aware we will become large and sore. We are not aware that we will become leaky shitting machines.

So to all of the moms who have pregnancy horror stories please tell us in the comments or head over to this Facebook post and tell us here!

*Disclaimer, you may laugh your ass off or violently gag while reading this story.*

The most embarrassing pregnancy story ever.

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