8 Guilt-Free Tips To Reduce Holiday Stress

8 guilt-free tips to reduce Holiday stress

*This post contains some strong language*

Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Right?

Sure, but they are also some of the most stressful times of the year.


Family. Expectation. Traditions. Presents. Food. Money. That’s why.

Holidays Can Be Stressful.


For lots of us, we are expected to divide our time equally between families. If for some reason you try to change things up all hell will break loose. Santa will straight skip your house because you are a bad person. You are led to believe that you will likely go to hell for breaking any family tradition.

So naturally, you try to please everyone. Which is so damn stressful. Maybe everyone else gets to enjoy the Holidays but you are in the bathroom searching every cabinet for a Xanax or joint to pair with the bottle of wine you are about to chug.

Why do we let these things happen? Why do we spend so much money on presents that we can’t pay our rent for the next three months?

Fear of disappointment? Possibly hurting someone’s feelings? You are 30 years old and still, do what your Mama tells you?

What do we do to fix this? How do we survive the Holidays without a total mental breakdown?

Without further ado, I give you,

8 Guilt Free tips to reduce Holiday Stress.

8 Tips To Avoid Holiday Stress

When it comes to money and presents these tips will help you survive the Holidays.

1.Set A Budget. It’s simple to look at your finances and see how much money you can actually spend this season. Once your budget is set, divide it into categories. For example Food, Presents, Wine, Wrapping Supplies, Emergency Wine. Then work within your budget. You may not like it but after the Holidays you sure won’t regret it.

2. Start Shopping Early. Start buying nonperishable items for Thanksgiving and Christmas months in advance. Don’t wait until the middle of December to start purchasing your Christmas presents. Starting a month early will actually save you money, time, and a shit ton of stress.

3.Gift Time Instead of Presents. This is an idea I actually really like. Instead of buying gifts for every single member or your family and beyond. Give them a coupon for “1 free dinner with us” You can tell them that you miss them and would love to actually spend some time enjoying their company. Invite them over for dinner and drinks. When it comes to the Holidays we always find ourselves saying, “Why don’t we get together more?” Well, here you go.

When it comes to family, expectations, and traditions these tips will help you survive.

1. Don’t be afraid to say no. In some cases, this is easier said than done. But, if there is something you really do not want to do then say no. You are important too.

2. Make A Plan And Stick To It. Discuss with your spouse what you would like to do for the Holiday season. Scream that plan from the rooftops and stick to it.

3. Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute. If it’s wrapping gifts, cleaning, or cooking. Write down when things need to be done by and stick to that. That way on Christmas eve you can drink your glass of red or white and wait for the Jolly Ol’ fucker to come down your chimney.

4. Take Care Of Yourself. You may be hosting Aunts, Uncles, and Cousin Eddy while trying to take care of your normal everyday crap. Before your brains burst out of your head, take care of yourself. A night away with the hubs, a pedicure, movie alone. Doesn’t matter just do it.

5. Remember The Holidays Don’t Last Forever. When there is so much to do and so many people to please try to remember it will all be over soon. Until then remember what is important and what the Holidays are all about.

Bonus Tip: Keep in mind that every tip starts with you. So make yourself a festive drink and try not to be a complete asshole. (Unless of course, you are a beautiful ray of sunshine and nothing is ever your fault.)

Do What’s Best For YOUR Family.

Extra bonus tip! Don’t be afraid to start your own traditions with your family. Holiday expectations are stressful but remember what is most important. Your little ones. Your spouse. YOU.

Try to remain flexible around the Holidays and remember what they are all about. Always keep in mind that you are important and allowed to be happy too. Sit down with your kids and husband and see what THEY imagine for the perfect Holiday. Make a plan as a family once you are all on the same page.

Then if needed tell your extended family members your plans. They may be upset or may not care. Either way, it’s okay!

Are the Holidays stressful for you? How do you keep your sanity?

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8 guilt-free tips for stress free Holidays


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