Pros and Cons Of Extended Breastfeeding

Extended Breastfeeding

To Wean Or Not To Wean That Is The Question

It’s very hard to grasp that my breastfeeding journey is coming to an end, forever. My daughter is turning one in two weeks and we do not plan to have any more kids. My goal was to breastfeed each of our children exclusively until they are one. I have done that. Now the question comes, am I up for extended breastfeeding or not?

The problem with my daughter, MG, is even though she is almost one, she is not ready to stop. She’s opposite of my son. He was ready to wean, he slowly cut down his feedings and then just stopped. It was fairly easy. MG, on the other hand is NOT ready. She’s still nursing full force during the day and night.

Then there is me. The big ball of blubbery emotions. My daughter wants to continue our breastfeeding journey. Do I dare break her heart and stop? Am I really ready to never breastfeed again? I really want my boobs back to myself but at what cost? Damaging my daughter forever because Mommy broke her heart? (Dramatic, yes I know. Welcome to my mind.)

So how do I decide what to do? I posted in my Mommy Groups asking for advice and got an overwhelming response to just keep going. It’s obviously what MG and I both want. Then, I decided to make a PRO/CON list.

Pros and Cons of Extended Breastfeeding

Extended Breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding NEVER Loses It’s Nutritional Value
  • Puts Baby Back To Sleep In The Middle Of The Night
  • Keeping The Close Bond We Have
  • Baby Still Gets To Comfort Nurse
  • Baby still gets all of the nutrition she needs (and more)
  • Breastfeeding still burns calories so I can still eat what I want
  • I don’t Get My Boobs Back
  • No Over Night Trips Away
  • I don’t Get My Boobs Back
  • It wasn’t My Plan
  • Judgement from people who know nothing about extended breastfeeding
  • I don’t get my boobs back

As you can see it it’s a close run. (Insert sarcasm here.) In the end I will do what is best for me and my baby. Even though it was not in my plan I think being flexible is part of breastfeeding.

What are your thoughts on extended breastfeeding?

Thank you for reading!



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Shanika @ Orchids + Sweet Tea - August 22, 2017 Reply

Wow! I’m struggling with this myself! My son is already 2 and he’s showing no signs of wanting to quit! I’m over it at times because I want my boobs back but then I love it at the same time! Haha! It’s definitely hard especially with the constant criticism once you’ve passed a certain point in breastfeeding. I keep going for the same reason—not breaking my little guy’s heart. I say do what feels right for you until you e had enough completely! Cheers to Mamahood!

Shanika @ Orchids + Sweet Tea - August 22, 2017 Reply

Wow! I’m struggling with this as well. My little one is 2 and I’m stilling breastfeeding! I know! It’s definitely tough because a part of me wants it to be over so that I can get my boobs and body back but the other part still enjoys the monumental bond. It’s super hard when you have to hear other people criticizing you for breastfeeding after such a length of time, but I’m glad I did. Just do whatever feels right for you and baby! Sometimes they’ll wean on their own early and sometimes they’ll take a bit longer. Either way, just do what’s best for you both! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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