30 Affirmations To Live A Happy And Positive Life.


Affirmations are the easiest and most successful way to stay on your positive living journey.

If you remember from the latest posts I strongly believe in what you send out to the universe you will receive back. For example, if you are constantly negative and mean then the universe will send back negativity. It will be a never-ending cycle that you can’t escape until you change your way of thinking.

Positive affirmations are affirmations that you should say every single day for every situation in your life. When you say them over and over you will trick your mind into thinking they are true.  You will start to believe them and you will start to live them.

It’s so important that you repeat for affirmations every day. If you only believe them half of the time you are not living up to your true positive living potential. They need to become part of your everyday routine. Part of your life.

To help you with your affirmations I’ve gathered some of my favorites for you. Write these down. Repeat them.

Morning Affirmations.

Today is a day of happiness.
Today I am thankful for the blessings in my life.
I believe in myself and will achieve my goals today.
I’ll have a peaceful and calm day.
Today and everyday I will love myself.

Bed Time Affirmations.

Tonight I’ll sleep peacefully.
I’ll wake fully rested.
I will not stress about the things that happened today.
I’m safe.
I’m calm and relaxed.
I did my best today.

Self Love Affirmations.

I’m beautiful.
I have a good soul.
Today and everyday I deserve happiness.
I love myself.
Today I trust myself and my judgment.
I can and will accomplish my goals.
I’m important.

Confidence Affirmations.

I’m not afraid.
Today I’ll be mindful.
Today, I can do anything I put my mind to.
I’m open to new opportunities.
I am intelligent.
I’m stronger than I was yesterday.

Stressful Situation Affirmations.

This negativity will not affect me.
I will send out positive vibes only.
I am above this situation.
Everything will be ok.
I am strong and fearless.
This will pass.

These are some of my favorites and I make sure to repeat them to myself daily. There is an affirmation for every situation in your life. Take a deep breath before you react to any situation.

Do not let the negative thoughts consume you. Push those thoughts out and repeat your affirmation. Live your affirmations and you will notice quickly that your life is changing for the better.

Positive affirmations are the basis of self-care, they teach you to love yourself despite what you are going through. Self-love and self-care are extremely important to your positive living journey.

Don’t forget to download your positive living weekly goals worksheet today! Completely free!

Do you believe in affirmations? What do you repeat every single day? Tell me in the comments!


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coffeegraceandtomatopaste - January 29, 2018 Reply

Love the affirmations you suggested! They are so helpful when cultivating a positive & intentional life!

Erika Lancaster - January 30, 2018 Reply

Hello! I’m not a mom, but I’ve found morning affirmations very helpful in my daily life! It’s so important to be mindful, stay positive and always be thankful for what we have! It’s hard sometimes to not let others sour our mood, but we have to do what we can to radiate positivity to those around us! Thank you for the inspiration to live life peacefully!

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