How To Add Breast Milk To Baby Food Without Pumping

Yes, I Just Milked Myself.

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My five month old daughter has recently started on solid foods. So far she has tried rice, oatmeal, and avocados. I like to make my own baby food at home (I know, shocker right!?) and in making my own baby food I mix everything with breast milk.

I will usually pump breast milk to freeze and then pump some more to use to make baby food. Since my daughter is just starting out I really haven’t pumped much to make baby food. Pumping is so exhausting to me and it is extremely time consuming! So if I don’t have to do it, I won’t.

Since I haven’t been pumping to make food, I have two choices. Defrost something I have in the freezer, which I hate to do because I have a fear I will someday need all of that, or I can just milk myself! I obviously go with number two, because why not?

The only problem with milking yourself (hand expressing if you need a more proper term) is it’s extremely embarrassing if someone walks in on you standing in your kitchen with your shirt up and boob in hand. I’ve started just telling my husband before I do it. He’s got to think I’m the laziest or the craziest woman in the world. Another problem is if your ‘let down’ starts you have to run and grab baby and hope she is hungry! You don’t want to get a clogged duct!

It’s just so easy to do it my lazy way! I put some avocados in a bowl mash them up good, then pull out my milk makers and squeeze until I have enough liquid gold in the bowl to make the perfect consistency for her baby food! Bam! No 20 minute pumping session, no defrosting what you have stored.

A little advice if you are going to try this. Make sure no one is going to walk into the kitchen and see you squirting milk everywhere. If you have guests, or you are afraid your husband will see and make fun of you then quickly run to your bedroom and do some squeezing. (Seriously it usually takes me one minute to get enough milk!)

The more I write this, the more I actually think I might be losing it. Is it normal to whip out a boobie to squeeze out some breast milk?  Am I too comfortable?

Have you ever done anything like this? What all do you use your breast milk for?

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21 thoughts on “How To Add Breast Milk To Baby Food Without Pumping”

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who tries this! Haha. I’ve had times where I had to think baby food and just squirt it in!

  2. I used breast milk with both my kid for their cereal etc–I’d start the day using a manual pump and do one 4/6 oz bottle of milk to use throughout the day.

  3. Haha, this is so awesome!!! It’s definitely handy when you’ve got two big bags of milk attached right to your body, lol, one would be silly to not just whip them out and use them! I’ve definitely milked myself a time or two, thanks for the laugh <3

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