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Guest Post Featuring

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Are you ready for something awesome?  Y’all know I love sharing the love so let’s check out Addison with Coffee With A Side Of who will be guest posting on!

You know that I wouldn’t make you read something that will put you to sleep. To guest post on my blog you must be a top-notch bad-ass blogging mama. Addison is just that!

Not only does she blog, but she vlogs. Head here to check out my favorite youtube video of hers! Yes, she is just that bad-ass.

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10 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Bringing a Gift to Your Child’s Birthday

So, maybe this was an accident at first. I forgot to bring the gift that I had purchased for a friend’s party. Then I had someone suggest can foods to donate in leu of gifts. I can do that! Then my son’s birthday further cemented my opinion on the matter. He did not need more things. Truly. Our house is basically become a maze of kid s$!4. I mean, it is a problem. I am not saying that I won’t still give gifts at times, but just not to every child’s party. These are the reasons I am skipping the gift and coming anyway.

1. Kids already have too much.

Circumnavigating toddler obstacles disguised as toys might as well involve a compass, a map and a boatload of grit and determination. Toes have been stubbed along the way. I do not want to further inundate other’ homes with clutter and the dollar store gift that I can afford.



2.I can’t afford anything your child really wants.

Do you really want another toy truck? I can see 10 from my peripheral, and that’s just in the dining room. How about another doll? They are already starting to creep you out. Really, why do they stare like that?

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3.There are too many parties. 

How many birthday parties can someone be invited to in one season. We have managed 8 for April and May. I am pretty sure we are going in some birthday party hall-of-hell, I mean fame, somewhere. I like you and your kid and the other 30 parents and children from our mom’s group. I am so blessed to have community, but my wallet does not somehow magically grow every time I receive a birthday invitation.



4.I am so busy. 

I am not trying to be selfish here, but it is the weekend. Finally, I have an extra set of hands (the husband) and I need to finally try to tackle the mess that some call a house. I am losing my sanity just trying to keep up and one more thing to my list might turn me into a raving lunatic. Face it, I might not even need one more thing at this point.





5.Shopping is not my jam.

I know some woman thrive from perusing merchandise with the hopes to one day buy some. Or, the may even be wild and crazy, purchase-on-the-spot people. I am none of these. I am a please gauge my eyes out if it means I don’t have to go to the store.




6.I forgot to Amazon Prime it. 

Even one day shipping does not excuse the last-minute nature of my gift-giving. 30 minutes before it is time to leave is not a great time to lose my ever-loving mind because I forgot that detail. My family staying together is largely dependent on me holding it together. When I unravel, it affects much more than anticipated. Another reason to skip that gift.


7.The wrapping and card cost more than the gift. 

I am not even trying to win some wrapping contest or show off how great a friend I am. I truly couldn’t find a bag, paper and a card for under $15. At this point, the only thing left for the gift is air and that may be a disappointing unwrapping experience.



8.Starving children in Africa and such. 

Okay, maybe this is added for dramatic effect, but I really think donating toys is a better use of our time. I try to hoard up unwrapped toys to give for Christmas. Oh yeah, if you give my son a toy, that is where it going. Our mounds filleth over. I strongly believe that giving back to those in need is one of our callings as Christians. I know your toddlermight need the new Elmo and your teen needs that new X Box, but they aren’t exactly slumming it in the backseat of your brand new BMW. *insert jealous side-eye*

Donate toys here!


9.I don’t want to.

Yeah. It’s true. I don’t really want to. I mean, my intentions were noble to begin with, but then I found out it is easier this way. I mean, why would I revert to my old ways after all this gloriousness.




10. I want to go.

I used to find excuses not to go to parties because I felt so guilty about not having a gift. I used to worry, what would others think. Then I stopped. I asked for no gifts at my son’s birthday because that wasn’t what it was about. It was about friends. My son loves these parties and I do too. I love talking to my mom friends and creating memories.

I feel no guilt (well, almost none) for skipping your child’s extra gift on the pile that is cascading over. And I hope that you can overlook the lack of tradition and invite us anyway because we would love to be a part of your kid’s special day.

Thanks for the invite!

Author Bio

My name is Addison and I am an ADD, ENFP, SAHM (insert numerous acronyms here) Mama. I am trying to figure out this parenting thing while simultaneously trying to manage family, friends, and the general randomness of life. I am the author of and I write 90% of my posts from under the arms of a toddler that is basically attached. Check out my free What’s Yo Mama Personality Quiz Here!

Top Five Reasons I Hate Going To Kids’ Birthday Parties

Do you know what I seriously hate doing? Going to kids’ birthday parties.

Okay, before you call me an evil witch just hear me out.

I am going to give you my top five reasons why I hate going to kids’ birthday parties. By the end of this you will completely agree with me. If not then I bet you can at least agree with one or two of them!

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  1. Screaming Kids – A bunch of little kids who just run around screaming for no apparent reason. If you didn’t load up on Tylenol or Xanax, this is probably going to make your brain explode. You will just stand there watching the other parents, praying that they will tell their children that there is no need to scream like they are being murdered.
  2. Crying Kids – SO MANY DAMN CRYING KIDS. It never fails, someone always falls down, or gets their feelings hurt, or is just a flat out brat. You hope to God it’s not your kid. Again, unless you loaded up on Xanax, the constant sound of whining kids is going to drive you insane.
  3. Small Talk – If you are like me then you know what I’m talking about. I HATE small talk. Seriously, I hate talking to people I don’t know. Unfortunately, I consider myself somewhat of an introvert and very socially awkward. I don’t want to talk to you, and let’s be real, you probably don’t want to talk to me either. I know we are just being polite but I would rather shove a pencil through my ear then make small talk with a stranger.
  4. Gossip – Yes, this gets looped in with small talk. For shit’s sake we are 30 somethings at a child’s birthday party.  Do we have to gossip?  I seriously do not care that you heard from your mom’s, aunt’s, dog’s cousin George that Debbie is cheating on Steve. Let me repeat that, I DO NOT CARE. I know some people live for gossip, and they just can’t help but tell a stranger a juicy secret. That person is just not me.
  5. Feeling of inadequacy – Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest perfect parties are adorable, and kudos to the mama who put it all together. I just am over the idea of a “perfect birthday party.” Like really, Debbie? Did you have to hand out party favors that include gourmet chocolate and i pods? At my kid’s birthday parties I just assumed the fact that I gave them cake was good enough? Now I feel like everyone is judging me because I didn’t plan super cool games or take a second mortgage out on our house just to throw a birthday party.

I may sound like a bit of an ass, but oh well. I mean, I DO take my kids to these birthday parties! Even if it hurts my soul I still do it! Usually I don’t let the other parents know how bothered I am by being there, hopefully they just think I am a super awesome normal mom!

Does anyone else feel this way? Am I a terrible parent for feeling this way? Don’t answer that.

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